Here are the animal and nature videos of the NC Nature News

Nibble and Her Eggs

Here you can learn about Nibble the parakeet and how she lays her eggs.

The Ways of Animal Hunting

Here, you can see how animals hunt using Sylvester the Cat.

Here, you can see the pollination of insects close up!

This is when the NC Nature News catches a toad! See more information about the toad on the Animals page!

Here is a NC Nature News video when Sugar the guinea pig meets Polka Dot the cat. Polka Dot is shy and suspicious around new animals…

This is a NC Nature News video when Sylvester the cat catches a REAL male perching bird. It flies into the house and he used his animal instincts to catch it. It is pretty amazing but it does show content that may be disturbing to some viewers.

This was a birdwatch from the treehouse. This video was made by Alex G.

Here is one of the kittens (Sylvester and EJ’s) first adventures! They now love exploring with us. This was made by Alex G and Emily G

Music: Land Down Under by Men at Work


6 thoughts on “Videos

  1. emily

    I like your site

  2. Thanks

  3. Olivia

    Your cats are so cute! Do you know what breeds they are?

    • Thanks! I think EJ (the fluffy tan one) is possibly a maine coon. Maine coons can get really big but I’m not sure about Sylvester

  4. Mrs. Shebalin

    The cinematography in your Hunting Animals video is very cool, and I was impressed that you had created some of the music, too! Congratulations on an awesome video!

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