All the stories you see here are true. I hope they’re interesting and entertaining.

Evening Wildlife

I was riding on my electric scooter and come up to one of the roads you cross on the trail. I then see a small black creature with some yellow marks. ‘A BOX TURTLE!!!’ I yell and without thinking, jumping off the scooter, running towards the road, (not checking for cars coming) and grabbing him and bringing him to the other side of the woods. He was going quite slow so he was in some danger. It was not an adult yet and pretty small. I then put the turtle in the woods and see a frog jumping around! I almost caught it, just barely missing, but instead watch the box turtle, who was moving faster now. As I continue down the trail, I come up to the pond, and grab my breaks to see 3 bunnies hopping around the trail! I watch the rabbits cross and go on past the pond. I then turn my head and see a bunch of birds flying away! A little further down the trail are some squirrels too! This was a very amazing and interesting scooter ride! It was seven o’clock, so I know the best time to find some wildlife is around that time. I did not have a camera or video camera with me, but I will start carrying one around more often.

Baby Bird

My sister and I were exploring in the creek and going back and forth from the tree house and the creek. We then went back to the treehouse and heard a faint eep, eep. We were not exactly sure where it was coming from. We ignored the squeak for a while but then heard the slight chirp again. We went to investigate. We searched around for about 5 minutes but then continued to work in the creek. I then wheeled a wagon with some supplies to the treehouse but then stopping and looking down. There was a small grey creature. I kneeled down to look at the pale, bare animal and realized, it was a newborn bird! I looked up and sure enough, I see a nest! It was too high to reach, so the NC Nature News cared it for the rest of the day. We found some worms and chopped them up and fed it by hand. The baby bird would lift its head and chirp for a piece or two every three to five minutes.I found an abandoned birds nest to keep it in overnight. It then passed away overnight due to the cold tempatures but it wold have died sooner if it did not chirp of hunger the day before. It was a wonderful experience to care for the chick.

This was the same day the NC Nature News found their first turtle too! See more in a story that will be up soon.


My sister and I were in the woodsy part of our backyard, setting up a “tree shelter” using some logs and we hear a rustling noise. It sounded like leaves so we just thought it was a squirrel. But it then got louder and louder. We turn towards the noise together and grab each other. All we do is stare in awe as 35 deer with huge antlers come running towards us. We brace ourselves for the stampede. When they are only about 15 feet away, they all of a sudden make a sharp left turn. We then watched the line of buck pass us. We looked at each other and just stood there.


15 thoughts on “Stories

  1. Dawn

    oooooo – that sounds scary! I bet it was a beautiful sight as well. What a great story.

  2. jayne

    That was scary, you were lucky to see a group of bucks, I have deer in my backyard and have only seen antlers once or twice.

  3. James F-H

    I would be so scared to be in your position. Were you scared?

  4. Well, it was pretty scary but the excitement and coolness of it over ruled the scary part but afterwards, my heart was pounding soooo hard!

  5. Josh K

    I would not know what to do if I were in your situation. I would be absolutely terrified. Were there really 35 deer or were you exaggerating?

  6. Josh K

    Just a quick question, do you monitor the comments yourself?

  7. John Fitz-Henley


    Your story about the herd of deer reminds me of a similar true story from my childhood, when I was a bit younger than you are now (I was 7-10; I expect you are 12). At any rate, here’s the story: we lived in a neighborhood which bordered a large undeveloped area, and my older brother loved to explore and hike there. As an adoring younger brother, I liked to do whatever he liked to do. On one of these hikes, we were crossing a dry creek bed, and I happened to look down. What I saw made me freeze: it was a snake, winding its way between my two feet planted (very still!) on the ground. My memory says the snake was 5 feet long, but it was probably half that size. Like you, my heart was pounding. I don’t know if it was poisonous, but it didn’t matter, as I didn’t pursue it, and got as far away from it as possible, moving slowly, once I felt confident my movement wouldn’t be seen as a threat to the snake.

    Thanks for your deer story, which reminded me of those good old days, and congrats on such a cool website!

    Mr. Fitz-Henley

  8. Ryan "Gangsta bomb all da Way" Hunt

    That is an awesome story. I’ll try to think of my own 2! Alex I’ll be thinking, I can tell u when i c u

  9. Ryan "I'm not a fatso!" Hunt


  10. Mom

    I’m ready for another story!

  11. Letizia Haynie

    Some of these comments are almost as interesting as your stories! You have good followers, Alex. I was sad to read about the baby bird.

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