Plant Photography


Here is a full bloomed gardenia.

These are a few hardy begonias.

Here you see more hardy begonias.

Here is a Lenten rose.

Here is a single quince.


Here are a few quinces.




5 thoughts on “Plant Photography

  1. Letizia Haynie

    Do you know what any of these are called? I would love to know more…

  2. Mrs. Kanoy

    Perhaps we can learn a bit about botany in the 7th grade!

  3. Rhonda Rogers

    Hey, Alex. I think I can help you identify some of the first plants. I’m no botanist, but I do have a BS in Biology and have an interest in gardening. 🙂 From top to bottom: gardenia, hardy begonia, hardy begonia, Lenten rose, quince, quince. As far as the pictures under Berries, not really sure. The second one looks like a houseplant though. Hope this helps. If I can figure out the last three, I’ll post them.

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