Animal Photography

Insects and Bugs

Dragonfly Photo by Liah Files

Here is a dragonfly spotted on a chair.

Here is a honey bee or hornet pollinating.


Nibble the parakeet can be such a great poser. I especially like this one.

She is looking at you with a cocked head making it a wonderful and cute photo.

This bird waddled right over, ready for a photo.

This little duck was relaxing on a log watching others swim around.

These birds were moving around, searching for food and socializing.

This macaw was perched in a tree. Along beside me was another photographer. The macaw almost seemed to realize that  we were taking photos.

High in a tall bush, this cardinal was constantly moving around. Luckily, it paused for a few seconds, allowing me to take this photo.

Taking this picture using the ‘rule of thirds’ , this seagull was soaring over the ocean. The rule of thirds is where you look at the photo in three parts. In this photo, the first third was the top section, the second third was the middle section, and the third third was the bottom part. The seagull is in the third third of the photo.

While taking photos of the walkway at Emerald Isle, as I do each year, a sparrow landed right at the perfect spot, giving a great addition to the photo.


Here is a very colorful kitten from the Orange County Animal Shelter.

Here is Sylvester the cat as a kitten before we adopted him.

Here is EJ the cat as a kitten before we adopted her.

Here is Sylvester the cat basking in the sun.

Here is Sylvester the cat basking in the sun.

Here was a  kitten from the Orange County Animal Shelter.

Here is a mother cat breast-feeding behind a house. Whenever she left, we would get to meet the affectionate, playful, cute kittens.

Here was a  kitten from the Orange County Animal Shelter.

Here is an adult cat from the Orange County Animal Shelter.

Here is a  kitten from the Orange County Animal Shelter.

Here is EJ the cat as a kitten


27 thoughts on “Animal Photography

  1. Patti Donnelly

    These photos are stunning! I am so excited to see you create this site for all of us to learn from. You have a very focused passion. I have no doubt you will make incredible contributions to this world we live in. Way to go for it, Alex!

  2. Patti Donnelly

    Alex – I wonder if you may want to consider putting an icon on your photos so that folks will know it’s yours. Another reason is so they will not take it without permission. Your photos are so incredible that I’m sure people will want to download them and use them. You should get the credit!

    • Katia Singletary Art and Photography

      I agree with Patti. You have to put a watermark on them, or at least a copyright from your camera. If you do it from the camera it is in the metadata of the photo. You can also buy (50 dollars or so) per year a service with Digimarc who put copyright and watermark if you want to. If you have any questions feel free to email me.
      Katia Singletary

  3. Susan


    I love your photo of EJ. I love to take pictures also and love to go to National Parks. Keep it up these are awesome

  4. Mary Ann

    Your pictures are exciting… great clarity and control of depth of field. You have a real gift for photography. I look forward to following your postings. I agree with Mrs. Donnelly – protect your ownership.

  5. Karen Moss

    Excellent photos!!

  6. Thank you and yes, I will add an icon to the photos

  7. Loving this site, Alex! I look forward to visiting often. I’m also looking forward to having someone with your talents and abilities in the Upper School.


    Lee Hark

  8. ms. s.

    awesome photo’s Alex….look forward to following…..

    ms. s.

  9. Valerie Crescenz

    Hi Alex! Your photos are beautiful – you have a keen eye! I’m looking forward to seeing more. Great job setting up your site!

  10. Carolyn Ronco

    What a professional site and beautiful photography. I’m proud of you, Alex. Excellent work!

  11. Bill Carroll

    Beautiful photography Alex!!! Great job.

  12. Ashwin

    WOW, your photo’s are amazing! I wish I could take wonderful pictures like that!

  13. James F-H

    I really like the picture of the flower. It is amazing how you can arrange the petals so well.

  14. Karen Rolleri

    Amazing photos Alex! I can’t wait to see how this site evolves. You have a great eye for the artistic beauty of nature. People just don’t take the time to see or experience nature today, but with your creative site, they will be able to experience it through vivid artistry. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Gus/XIGLProductionzX

    These pictures are amazing. I like all of them! Please keep posting

  16. Josh K

    Wow, Alex I really like your picture of the crab. Do you ever take action shots like in sports?

    • I do take action shots but I am not a sports fan so it will be of flying birds or a running squirrel, etc.

  17. Angel Green

    Alex, the webpage is really great! Your pictures of the animals and nature are spectacular! Keep pursuing your passion and dreams! Proud if you cousin!

  18. Nanny Tracey

    Happy Birthday Alex! Your photography is incredible. My favorite is the photo of the trees! Growing up in the mountains of West Virginia I was surrounded by the beauty of trees and forests. As a child, I loved swinging on grape vines, resting on soft beds of vibrant green moss, stomping in the streams and more. Thank you for sharing your stories, information, and photography on the incredible beauty of North Carolina!

  19. anita yelverton

    These pictures are awesome. You have certainly inspired and helped him find his niche. May he be blessed and keep up the good work!

  20. Mom

    FABulous slide show! And the music is perfect. As you know, the giraffes (at 2:19) are my favorite!

  21. Amazing photography composition. You have an artist’s eye!

  22. YaYa

    Lovely photos. Alex.

  23. Karen Moss

    Alex, you are so talented!

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  25. Mom

    I’m so glad that you added the captions – they really add a lot! It’s cool to hear the “story” behind the picture.

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