This is a page that does not necessarily have to do with nature, but this is my own page that is like a personal blog called Me. Enjoy! 

June 3, 2012

My explorations will be much easier now thanks to my new shoulder/messenger bag! It is small but holds a lot. Keep an eye out for it in new NC Nature News videos.

As you see, some posts will be very short on my personal blog and other times, quite long. Do you like long or short posts?

June 2, 2012

Horray! We are going to the beach in about a week and a half! There will be many new photos, videos, nature news flashes, haiku, stories, and more on my personal blog that you are on now!

I also have a waterproof camera to take videos under the sea! I hope they come out well and that you enjoy it! I have taken many videos at our pool so they will be up soon!

This is also my first post on Me so I’m still new with just plain blogging about… me! Is it interesting or not? Comment and tell me!

It is currently 10:37 p.m. and I figured, I might as well start my blog!

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One thought on “Me

  1. Mom

    Well, it is definitely interesting to me, but you might want to get a few other opinions. 😉

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