This is the haiku page. Haiku are poems having to do with nature. They were originally from Japan but are now made all over the world. Haiku have 3 lines. The first line has words with five syllables in all. The second line has words with 7 syllables in all and the last line has 5 syllables again. Haiku do not have titles but I like putting one word titles. If you have a haiku you want to share, please do. Just put your name along with it so I can give you full credit.

All of the following Haiku are Copyrighted

Coast- Alex Green

Walking down the coast

Enjoying the sea breezes

No worries at all

Copyrighted 2012


Leaves- Alex G

The leaves are blowing

As the wind whirls around them

And fall to the ground 

Copyrighted 2012


Haiku- Alex G

I write a haiku,

With seventeen syllables,

And three simple lines.

Copyrighted 2012


Music- Alex G

Music of nature,

In sink and making music,

Animals and plants.

Copyrighted 2012


Power- Alex G

Power of nature,

Many parts strong, others weak,

Its enemy, man.

Copyright 2012


Grass- Alex G

The Grass will grow high,

Trees will soar above the clouds,

And flowers will bloom.

 Copyrighted 2012


Forest- Alex G

Ways of the jungle,

With cats, wolves, monkeys and bears,

Each with a purpose.

Copyrighted 2012


Flower- Alex G

I pick a flower,

And brush off the gold pollen,

To put in a vase.

Copyrighted 2012


Beach- Alex G

Racing to the beach,

Smelling the thick, salty air,

Coming from the sea.

Copyrighted 2012


Fruit- Alex G

From sweet to sour,

Green, Yellow, orange, violet,

From crunchy to soft.

Copyrighted 2012


Earth- Alex G

Earth, with animals,

Earth, with flora and fauna,

Earth, so big yet small

Copyrighted 2012



2 thoughts on “Haiku

    Very last weekday
    Time to relax and to sigh
    Then over again

  2. WONDERFUL, haikus! I love them all!

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