Here is the area to buy handmade crafts with most of the materials from nature. For each product, it will show a photo of all of the contents that comes with it, what it is, the price and a description. Simply e-mail and enter enter the following information:

Name, address, e-mail address, if you are a follower (to get a discount), name of product you wish to purchase. From there, I will e-mail you back to give you a bit more instruction to purchase the product. It then will immediately be mailed straight to your house.

With each purchase, you will get NC Nature News pens, an NC Nature News card, and your product.


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NC Nature News Book 1- Reptiles and Amphibians EXTINCTION

Price: $1.50

Followers’ Discount: 30% off! (50¢ off)

1 in stock

Description: This is the first NC Nature News book. It is a small, paper book made by hand. It has smooth binding that stays together well and has about 15 pages packed with information and cool facts. Not only does it have information but great color photography on every page! All taken by Alex G. It also has a table of contents to easily find a specific topic. The topics include extinction, daily life, habitats, diet, facts and more! The text is easy to read and is not complex to understand. Yes, the maker of this book is 12 years old but I can understand some pretty complicated things (about animals and nature at least). The book is not all about extinction, meaning it’s not all bad news because it also has cool facts and other things about reptiles and amphibians’ lives. We hope you enjoy the first book of the NC Nature News.


Photo Collages

Price: $5.00

Followers’ Discount: 10% off! (50¢ off)

1 of each in stock

Description: These are photo collages made mainly by hand including the cutting, gluing, and pasting! They are strongly laminated so it does not bend or can get ruined! The fully sealed edges keep it from getting ruined by liquid! They are made from natural materials including sand and leaves! The photography is taken by Alex G. They are about 11 by 9 inches with colorful backgrounds. Each one is original so be sure to pick which one you want quickly to be sure to get it!











2 thoughts on “Buy

  1. Mrs. Hawkins

    You put a card in my mailbox. I love nature too and will enjoy your website. I saw the snapping turtles crossing the road today-probably to lay eggs, wish we could warn the drivers out there.
    We have many bird nests in our yard too-chickadees took over the bluebird box, we also have 3 active nests right by our doors. Keep up the great work! Love your photography too – that’s one of my hobbies as well.

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