5 Minutes of Peace

5 Minutes of peace is a page with the sounds of nature (recorded by the NC Nature News). It includes the sounds of rain, creeks, frogs, bees, crickets, wind and more! Simply relax and listen to 5 minutes of the peace and harmony of nature. You can play more than one sound at a time to mix different sounds. You could play the Trickling Creek with the Crickets and see how it sounds. New sounds are always being uploaded so come back often to see what’s new! 

Whooshing Waves

Whirling Wind

Trickling Creek

Rain Shower


5 thoughts on “5 Minutes of Peace

  1. Mom

    I can’t believe these sounds came from our own backyard! Amazing what you can hear when you pay attention, isn’t it? Beautiful!

  2. Letizia Haynie

    This is my favorite!! They are like my sound machines, but better. I will definitely keep checking to hear your new ones as you post them. Awesome website!

  3. Dana

    Love the creek! I wish you could help me figure out how to get this to play on my tv and thru my nice speakers!

  4. Mrs. Shebalin

    I enjoy playing these when I’m trying to focus on work and need some soothing background noise. I hope you will continue to post them!

  5. Letizia Haynie

    Love the new wind sounds!

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