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The NC Nature News is a website about the animals and nature of North Carolina. The motto of the NC Nature News is ‘Exploring the small wonders of North Carolina’s nature’.  This motto is saying, it may be simple things like birds, cats, squirrels, rocks, trees, leaves, flowers, or berries and exploring places like woods, creeks, lakes, holes and beaches but we show the interesting parts of it all. The NC Nature News was made by a 11 year old, who is now 12, Alex Green, who has loved animals and nature since 1st grade (who is now in 7th Grade) and still has a passion for it. He is helped by his sister, Emily, who’s 8 years old, friend, Ryan Hunt, who’s 12 years old, Cats, Sylvester, EJ and Polka Dot, Guinea pig, Sugar, parakeet, Nibble, and animals that the NC Nature News will catch, study and let go after a day to about 2 weeks. Those animals include frogs, toads, lizards and turtles.  Enjoy the videos, photos, stories, sounds, poetry, and more of the NC Nature News. Be sure to not only explore the website but the outdoors too! Some of the pages above include:

Welcome: (you are currently on the welcome page)

What’s New: A page that you can go to to see what was recently put on; If you follow the NC Nature News (you can see how further down this page), you will get those updates in your e-mail!

Nature news flashes: A page with things that happened recently in nature, having to do with the NC Nature News.

Explorations: A page that includes videos of explorations of the NC Nature News, information of the NC Nature News, and specimens found on explorations.

Specimens: A page that has the specimens found in the explorations (on explorations page too) it has information, photos, videos and more on the specimens.

Animal Photography: A page with animal photography by the NC Nature News. It includes Insects, Spiders, Cats, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, and more!

Plant Photography: A page with plant photography by the NC Nature News. It includes, flowers, trees, berries, leaves, and more!

NC Photography: A page with photography around the state by the NC Nature News.

Videos: A Page with HD videos made by the NC Nature News starring animals and nature. They can be of an exploration, an animal hunting, classes, bird watches, and more!

Stories: A page with stories that have to do with nature that we were a part of.

5 Minutes of Peace: A page that has recorded sounds in nature that were recorded by the NC Nature News with HD video and sound and are 5 minutes long.

Haiku: A haiku is a type of Japanese poem that has to do with nature. This is a page that has haiku written by the NC Nature News.

Buy: A page where you can buy or order handmade products made by the NC Nature News.

Me: Alex Green’s personal blog

About: A page where you can learn more about how the NC Nature News started.

Those are the current pages of the NC Nature News and the pages are always being updated with new things. This is just a brief summary on the pages, so to learn more by exploring the pages on you own!

Follow the NC Nature News

If you follow the NC Nature News, you will be updated on anything new on the NC Nature News by e-mail! To do so, look on the righthand side of this page (or any page) and put in just your e-mail! That is all you have to do and let the NC Nature News do the rest.

Pros of following the NC Nature News:

-Get updated when anything new is on the NC Nature News

-Don’t worry, Your inbox will not be filled with NC Nature News e-mails, but only get one to a few a week.

-Get a DISCOUNT on any product in the buy section of the website! See what discount you will get under the product you wish to purchase

-The more followers, the more views, the more stuff on the NC Nature News!

-Simply make a few kids happy

In the upper right hand corner, find the pages to photography, videos, stories, sounds of the NC Nature News (5 minutes of peace), about NC Nature News, and MORE!


18 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Sallie C

    Super web site!

  2. IGLProductionz

    Man, these wordpress sites are always awesome! And your is amazing! Please make more, and upload your timelapse!

  3. Cat McNish

    I love your picture of the ocean on top of the page! You should take some pictures of your own and post them!

  4. Mariana R.

    Just wondering how do you make a blog?

  5. Alex, I like how you are following your passion and building a portfolio of work online. This will allow you to control your identity online and build a presence that speaks to you as a person and a learner. Bravo on the work you are doing with finding your voice and putting yourself out there. May the force of learning be with you.

  6. Ryan Hunt

    Whats up this is Ryan. Your websites doing great

  7. Drewry Mitchell

    Wow Alex! This is a great website!

  8. Janice Gurganus

    Happy Birthday, Alex!

  9. Drew H

    Dude this, is, really, cool

  10. Sra. Almodóvar

    Alex, I am impress with your website! It has valuable information. I can see a career in technology. Good luck and keep up the good work!

  11. Sra. Almodóvar

    I meant to say impressed

  12. Hi Alex! I heard about your awesome site from your mom (my cousin). You’ve put in a lot of effort and it shows! I love the website, pictures, and of course, the nature :o).

  13. Mrs. R

    When you were in second grade you told me that your favorite thing to do at recess was to walk and observe nature. I believed it then and I believe it now! Keep believing, Alex!

  14. Natalie Zucchino

    Hey Alex! I got the card you left in the mailbox and thought I’d check out your site. It’s wonderful! I love the story about the herd of bucks racing towards you, and your photography is also very impressive. I’m so glad you created this site to share your amazing stories and observations with us! Keep it up 🙂

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